Da Montemonaco alla Sibilla

Località: Montemonaco
Caratteristiche Itinerario
Tipologia: Bici

The Meschino left free, his steed and after looking around penetrated in the den of the Sibyl. The climb to the mountain had been tiring, but the lure of finally know its origins led him to go over every time she went through a difficult time. Inside the cave there was darkness, then he began to hear the roar of a waterfall, finally Meschino reached the gates of the kingdom of the sorceress Alcina and entered it. He found all good. Beautiful women, food, an exceptional nature and the sorceress who promised him that he would soon reveal the truth about his past. The Meschino knows that if he stays for more than a month, his chances of going to fade out alive, but the sorceress continues to postpone the moment of revelation, and when, after seven months, the rider starts to leave, the enchanted kingdom becomes a nightmare of worms and snakes. And then the Meschino flees, renouncing knowledge, but saving his soul.

Length: 13.8 km
Vertical drop: 990 meters
Total km ascent: 10.6
Total km descent: 1.78
Access: Only in summer
Index difficulty: high
Reports suggested: Standard mt

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