Rotella – Monte Ascensione

Località: Rotella

From Rotella (395 m above sea level) along the main road towards Venagrande, turn left towards Capradosso and after about 500 meters take a road on the right that goes up on the ridge and gradually leading to the summit. The main landmarks are the Monte Cerro at a height of 760 m above sea level the ruins of Casa Bassetti (860 m asl) and the graft on the dirt track of…

Oasi la Valle – Monteprandone

Località: Monteprandone

From the Oasis la Valle in Spinetoli to Monsampolo del Tronto, Acquaviva Picena, San Benedetto del Tronto and return direction a Monteprandone. From the parkong of the Oasis “La Valle” in Spinetoli progress through the cycling path along the river Tronto to take the “Salaria Vecchia” at Villa St.Pio X. You walk about 5,5 km to reach Monteprandone where you find a pirt road with 20% slop. Once at the center, take…

Santa Maria – Tallacano

Località: Acquasanta Terme

Starting from the center of the village of Santa Maria fraction of Acquasanta Terme, go down to the river Tronto to the old washhouse. After crossing the river, continue climbing towards the abandoned village of Vallesaggia; along the way, you can admire the valley, the typical fluvial vegetation, dominated by poplars and willows, oaks and picturesque Monti della Laga. Continue to Cocoscia and from there, going back to the left, you enter…

Nel regno dei calanchi

Località: Castignano

From Ripaberarda fraction of Castignano , you reach the Contrada Monte ( 663 m ) following the road to taking wheel and left after about 3 km, with gravel road that leads steeply uphill , at 1.2 km, at the same Contrada . You can park up to a group of dilapidated houses . Take the steep dirt road leading up to the Mount of the Ascension , flanking fields and mixed…

Da Montemonaco alla Sibilla

Località: Montemonaco

The Meschino left free, his steed and after looking around penetrated in the den of the Sibyl. The climb to the mountain had been tiring, but the lure of finally know its origins led him to go over every time she went through a difficult time. Inside the cave there was darkness, then he began to hear the roar of a waterfall, finally Meschino reached the gates of the kingdom of the…

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