Porta Marina

Località: Maltignano

The door is opened in 1820.

Palazzo Carpani

Località: Maltignano
Telefono: 0736304122
Email: com.maltignano@provincia.ap.it
Sito web: www.comune.maltignano.ap.it

Carpani palace was built in the style of the sixteenth century by workers of the place, it features windows with architraves and from the porch, the side, has a lovely balcony defined by mullioned windows. The portal is the nineteenth century.

Chiesa di San Pastore

Località: Ripatransone

The Church of S. Pastore was built probably in 1245, and completely renovated in sec. XVIII, when it was created the coffered ceiling painted with the central image of the Virgin Mary and St. Catherine. On the counter of the frescoes’ 300 referred to the Master of Offida and his followers.

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