Cupra Marittima

Indirizzo: Piazza Libertà, 11
Località: Cupra Marittima
Telefono: 073577671
Sito web:

Cupra Marittima belongs to the area of the Riviera of the lower coast of the Marche. Primarily known as a seaside resort in continuous development, received the award in 1997 (European Blue Flag) confirmed to date. It is of great importance in terms of historical, architectural and cultural heritage there is, in fact, an archaeological Roman and medieval times. Worth visiting the castle of Marano (sec. XII), the castle of St. Andrew (eleventh century), restored in 2003 and transformed into an outdoor theater, the civilization of S.Basso (Sec. XI). Should also be no doubt visited the Museum of the territory newly established educational workshop of the Quaternary and archaeological sites in particular of the fountain and the thermal baths found in the excavations of the Carminucci. Do not miss the exhibition Malacologica “shells from all over the world”: more than 700,000 sea creatures, land and aquaculture dulci-exposed over an area of 3,000 square meters (open all year). Not to be overlooked is the beautiful bike path, which opened in 2003, combines Cupra Marittima Groton and San Benedetto del Tronto, a total of 15 km all along the coast.


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