Indirizzo: Piazza Matteotti, 7
Località: Carassai
Telefono: 0734919002
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Carassai throughout its history has changed its name several times. In the Middle Ages the name was Castrum Guardiae, but the people called him Carrascale or Carnassale. Castle Carrascale was mentioned in the documents along with the Castle Camporo. Both were destroyed in the first half of the century. XIV for having rebelled against the Church. A few years later, only Carrascale was recognized. Now two groups are evident: one of feudal origin, known as “Old Castle” and one of medieval origin, called “New Castle”, built in the fifteenth century on the initiative of Fermo and aggregate the feudal village. The Old Castle is the oldest settlement, characterized by torpuosità its picturesque lanes of the feudal period, and it religious reference in the Renaissance bell tower of the Church of San Lorenzo. The New Castle features relatively greater breadth of straight lanes and houses of local origin, with reference to the laity in the clock tower, which was rebuilt recently. At the New Castle are the remains of the fortified walls of the century. Fourteenth and fifteenth centuries: the so-called “military trenches.”


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